Pearl & Alec James – Paddy & Murphy

We couldn’t ask for a better professional Equine Podiatrist than Anna. She is absolutely marvellous with our two rescue ponies. She has done wonders for their feet and has completely transformed their gait and comfort. Their feet were very overgrown and in bad shape when they arrived with us. Now they are looking fantastic. She is also very kind and patient, one of our horses was particularly scared of having his hind feet done and the horse knowledge and management she used in dealing with this was outstanding. We would highly recommend her, and we value her input into our horses care extremely highly.

Fritha Roberts – Rosie, Rusty & Henry

Anna has been trimming my ponies for three years and I couldn't be happier with her work. She is kind, calm, thoughtful. She takes each one as an individual and looks not only at feet and way of going but feed, work, temperament. She will pick up on the little things that I as an owner, seeing them every day, can miss, and we can treat any issues before it arises. My ponies have not been the easiest to trim having had bad experiences in the past, but she has never once lost her cool, she is happy to spend time reassuring each pony and gaining their trust. She is never rushed and will take as long as it takes. Anna is highly professional in her work and always does an excellent trim, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Karla Molony – Charlie, Billy & Cari

I cannot recommend Anna enough for all that she has done for my horses. A lovely lady with a lot of patience, knowledge and understanding and always goes the extra mile to help with any problems with my horses, each visit is very personal and never rushed. Very grateful that she does my horses feet as without her I would of lost my mare to laminitis a couple of years ago and has helped with my elderly horse and his arthritis