Humble Hooves

Welcome to Humble Hooves where specialist barefoot hoof care is tailored for the individual. A holistic 'whole horse' approach is used to enable your horse to grow and develop the healthiest, strongest possible hooves.

'Equine Podiatry is the study and management of the equine foot based on its anatomy and function.'

My name is Anna Curtis and I am an Equine Podiatrist (EP) based on the Dorset/Somerset border. Keeping a horse successfully barefoot is not just about one single point, it is a combination of factors ranging from nutritional to environmental.

I am able to advise on all aspects to help your horse reach its full potential barefoot. All methods used are based on a scientific approach and are non invasive, this includes all remedial work. I aim to provide the horse with the tools it needs to heal itself. Depending on the pathology, the trim I apply will assist the hoof and stimulate it to grow an improved healthier structure. It is important that my clients feel that they can contact me with any concerns or questions they may have, and that they realise they don't have to struggle with issues alone. I am part of a network in the EPA and am lucky enough to have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from many other processionals.

I can also remove shoes should you require it, advise on hoof boots, fit pads and supply magnesium.

I have included links for more information on the Equine Podiatry Association and on my training with the Equine Podiatry Training Ltd.